We were originally made perfect and in the image of God (Genesis 1:27), but sin brought dishonor. Yet believers have the promise that our imperfect and dishonored, corrupted bodies will one day be raised in glory. At a time known only to God, and at a speed which our minds cannot comprehend, God will look over the railing of Heaven and calmly tell Archangel Michael, “BLOW YOUR TRUMPET!”

In a moment (in the twinkle of an eye (in the original Greek language,rhipē hree-pay’, a jerk (of the eye, that is, (by analogy) an instant): – twinkling. From Strong’s G4496.

In Math terms, a period of time that cannot be divided. This will happen in ZERO seconds. You need to get ready and stay ready.

Freed from the restrictions imposed by sin, our resurrected bodies will be honorable and perfectly suited for pleasing and praising our Creator throughout eternity.

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