What is a Chaplain

In America the first recorded use of Chaplains was at Valley Forge, under General George Washington’s command. The dire situation at Valley Forge brought about the militaries’ first need of spiritual support for the troops. To keep it simple, Chaplains offer religious service to those that cannot, or will not, attend traditional church services.

The types of Chaplains varies wildly, from Military, Police, Fire, Political, School, Prison, Healthcare, Trucker, Rodeo, and Racing. I have read of Chaplains ministering in the local tavern! Imagine going to the local pub and pouring your broken heart out to a man of God over a pint. A man that does not fear the religious, but LOVES God so much that he (or she) is willing to stand up to scorn of religious people to help, where ever his ministry is needed. . The Chaplain fills the need where a traditional church cannot or will not. A Chaplain must be tolerant of others beliefs, while holding true to his own.

The requirements to become a Chaplain are also as different as the type of Chaplain. Though originally the word “chaplain” referred to representatives of the Christian faith, it is now applied to men and women of other religions or philosophical traditions.

The primary requirement for becoming a Chaplain is the desire to do so and heart to do the work at hand of showing people the way to Jesus.

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